More than 7 out of 10 Americans struggle with excess weight, making it a near universal issue. Although this is such a dramatic problem, less than 2% of this population receives medical treatment. 

There are surprisingly few scientifically proven tools available for people on a weight loss journey. Diet and lifestyle modification are always considered first. Unfortunately, for the majority of the population, those don’t work in the long term. On the other side, the approved drugs and surgery do not really address the needs of people who are overweight, or having mild obesity. 

The majority of the population is left without a solution. That’s why we created a completely different approach to address this vast need, and one with a safety profile that has enabled an unprecedented broad use. 

We are thrilled with the positive feedback we are receiving from the members we serve today as we help them achieve their weight loss goals. We plan to transform the weight loss market, with our FDA cleared product, by appealing directly to consumers, and making it easy and affordable for them. Most importantly, we look forward to making a meaningful difference in the lives of millions of people. 

Key highlights include: 

Broadest label of any prescription weight management approach:

  • ~150 million adults in US alone with excess weight fall within the Plenity® label, many of which have never had a prescription weight management option available to them.
  • In an analysis of early Plenity members, 70% had never tried a prescription weight management approach before.
  • In clinical trials, 6 out of 10 adults achieved clinically meaningful weight loss (5% or higher) taking Plenity, losing on average 10% of their weight (22 lbs) or ~3.5 inches from their waist, while 26% were “super-responders”, losing on average 14% of their weight (30 lbs).
  • Plenity has a side effect profile similar to placebo, and no serious adverse events were reported in our clinical trials
  • This proprietary technology is protected by a large portfolio of patents. 

FDA cleared and ready to scale:

  • Plenity is FDA cleared, regulated as a device, prescribed like a drug, and promoted like a consumer brand. It is available by prescription via a telehealth consultation with free, unlimited follow-up visits as needed.
  • The pandemic continues to prove out the importance of convenient access to healthcare, and the Plenity experience—including both the digital model and the strong efficacy to safety profile—is built to address that. Notably, over 50% of early members surveyed say they would not have otherwise gone to their doctor for a prescription.
  • New commercial manufacturing facility is now producing Plenity® at large scale, enabling supply to meet the growing demand, with additional manufacturing lines in development. 

High growth, high margin subscription business:

  • Our unique platform technology allows for rapid market disruption, with a telehealth and pharmacy distribution model that fully supports the patient, or member, along the way.
  • Direct-to-consumer marketing is a primary demand driver, significantly reducing sales force costs.
  • Reasonably priced for consumer out-of-pocket costs creating price transparency and no payor rebates. A Plenity subscription costs $98 for a four-week supply ($1.75 per meal) and, if prescribed, the product arrives in two business days.
  • First party patient data with integrated digital platform enables significant value creation. 

Strong R&D pipeline targeting adjacent markets:

  • We continue to explore how the mechanisms associated with the Gelesis hydrogel technology could potentially involve more than just occupying space in the stomach and weight loss.